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Reusable Glow Stick/Flashlight & Whistle

$6.99 $5.28


  • McCormick-Style Reusable Glow Stick, Flashlight and Whistle.
  • 200 hours of use in Flash Mode and 150 hours of use in Flashlight Mode w/Bright 8 Lumens Single LED Bulb.
  • 4 Modes: Flashlight, Flashlight w/Solid Glow Stick, Solid Glow Stick and Flash Mode.
  • Visible for miles for rescue situations, provides safety for broken-down motorist, great for camping and more.
  • Water-Resistant will give you piece-of-mind knowing this McCormick-Style Glow Stick will be there when you need it.
  • Includes Lanyard and Free Battery Program. Approved by Hershey the Canine
  • The Whistle is near Ear-Piercing-Loud for any situation: rescue or scaring-of a wild animal.
  • Available in green, red and purple. (Minimum of 5 per order)